DOJ: Courts start proceedings vs Quiboloy, associates

19 March 2024

Manila, Philippines – The Department of Justice (DOJ) announces the initiation of legal proceedings by the Davao City Prosecutor’s Office against Apollo C. Quiboloy and several associates, following a directive from the resolution “AAA v. Quiboloy”, issued on March 5, 2024 by the Secretary of Justice. This action arises from allegations of sexual and child abuse.

Specifically, Apollo C. Quiboloy faces charges under Section 5(b) of Republic Act No. 7610 (Other Sexual Abuse), focusing on the protection of children against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination. Furthermore, additional charges under Section 10(a) of the same act (Other Acts of Child Abuse) have been filed against Quiboloy, along with Jackielyn W. Roy, Cresente Canada, Paulene Canada, Ingrid C. Canada, and Sylvia Cemanes, aimed at safeguarding children’s psychological and emotional health.

Moreover, the Davao City Prosecutor’s Office has endorsed a complaint for Qualified Trafficking in Persons to the DOJ main office. Pursuant to Department Order 144, the Task Force on Women and Children and Against Trafficking In Persons was directed to prepare the necessary Information against Respondents Pastor Apollo .C Quiboloy, Jackielyn W. Roy, Cresente Canada, Paulene Canada, Ingrid C. Canada, And Slyvia Cemañes for the crime of Qualified Human Trafficking under Section 4 (a) of Republic Act No. 9208, as amended, pursuant to the Resolution promulgated on 05 March 2024 by the Secretary of Justice. This information was filed before the appropriate court in Pasig City.

“The Department of Justice is dedicated to the enforcement of our laws and the protection of our children from exploitation and abuse. This case underscores our commitment to hold accountable those who would harm our society’s most vulnerable. Let this serve as a reminder that no individual, regardless of their position, is above the law,” stated the Secretary of Justice.

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