DOJ overturns OCP Davao Reso: Remulla charges Quiboloy, et al.
for Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking

06 March 2024

In a decisive move, the Petition for Review concerning the case against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and others has been granted. The original Joint Resolution dated 29 June 2020 by the Office of the City Prosecutor of Davao City, which dismissed the complaints for rape, qualified human trafficking, and child abuse, has been overturned after careful review.

Complainant-appellant’s allegations, which date back to 2011, highlight a series of abuses, including an act of rape in September 2014 when she was a minor, emotional and physical mistreatment, and forced labor without compensation, all under the guise of religious service at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KJC). Despite the dismissal of her initial complaints and a subsequent denial of her Motion for Reconsideration, the complainant’s persistent legal battle has brought new light to the gravity of her accusations.

Upon reevaluation, it has been determined that there exists probable cause against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for the crime of sexual abuse of a minor, under Section 5(b) of the Republic Act No. 7610, as well as against Quiboloy and co- respondents for qualified human trafficking and other acts of child abuse.

DOJ Secretary Remulla offered a poignant assessment, remarking, "This petition for review has lingered unresolved for four long years. Our foremost aim is to achieve justice within the Philippines, grounded firmly on the evidence presented and the statutes of our legal system."

Additionally, it has been reported that an Immigration Lookout Bulletin Order (ILBO) was issued against Pastor Quiboloy last 27 February 2024, as a measure to prevent him from fleeing the country.

The ruling underscores the commitment to ensuring justice and upholding the rights and protection of minors against abuse and exploitation. The Office of the City Prosecutor of Davao City is directed to file the appropriate charges in court against the respondents accordingly.

“This case represents a significant step towards addressing and rectifying injustices suffered by vulnerable members of our society, particularly children, and reinforces the legal framework protecting them from abuse and exploitation” Remulla added.

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