DOJ and DILG vow for a closer collaboration to improve criminal justice system

21 July 2022

On July 21, 2022, the Departments of Justice (DOJ) and the Interior and Local Government (DILG) committed to work together for a stronger and efficient criminal justice system.

In a joint press conference in Camp Crame, DOJ Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla and DILG Secretary Benjamin C. Abalos, Jr. both noted that at present, enforcement and prosecution did not seem to work well together. Both officials agreed that the present system has to be improved “drastically.”

Secretary Remulla said among the areas he and Secretary Abalos have agreed to pursue is the re-training of law enforcement units in both remedial and substantive laws to avoid cases returned “for further investigation.”

On the part of the prosecution, he observed that there seems to be a confusion on the quasi-judicial functions of the prosecutors. He said prosecutors’ quasi-judicial functions should not take precedence over their primary role to prosecute cases such that people who are guilty of crimes are convicted and punished.

Sec. Remulla reiterated the need for the law enforcers and prosecutors to work well together to achieve a stronger criminal justice system. Further, SOJ said, “Ang gusto sana namin ang piskal at pulis, magkakampi lagi. Nagtutulungan, hindi sila nagtuturuan.”

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