Department of Justice dialogues with Lumads

18 October 2016

The Department of Justice (DOJ), represented by Undersecretary Erickson H. Balmes,  held a dialogue with the Lumads or the Indigenous People on October 17, 2016. The dialogue was held at the DOJ Executive Lounge.

A representative from each organization namely: Atty Czarina Musni (Sandugo Alliance), Bernard Zamora (KARAPATAN), Nenita Condez (Salabukan No'k Gitaw Subanen-SGS), Kerlan Fanagel (PASAKA-SMR), Windel Bolinget (Cordillera Peoples Alliance), Rep Ariel Casilao (Anakpawis), Dolphing B. Ogou (Kalumaram), Jerome Succor Aba (Suara Bangsamoro), Josephine Pagalan (Kasalo Caraga), Minda Dalinan (Kaluhhamin), Roderick Deric (Punganay_CV), Bags Castillo (Kilab Multi Media) discussed their concerns on the following areas: pending cases of alleged human rights violation, perceptions of abuse of authority, issues of trumped-up charges againsts the lumads.

The DOJ requested the group to provide them with a list of cases involving lumads including a brief summary of every case to allow a more thorough study of the issues raised. For its part, the DOJ committed to give the group a feedback of actions taken within 30 to 40 days from the complete submission of the requested information.

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