DOJ: Whistleblowers to continue receiving protection and other benefits

22 October 2015

Justice Secretary Alfredo Benjamin S. Caguioa said the Department is committed to provide whistleblowers adequate protection, security and other benefits.

In a statement, Caguioa said the Department’s Witness Protection, Security and Benefits Program (WPSBP) guarantees the security of whistleblowers.

The WPSB admits into the program “any person who has knowledge of or information on the commission of a crime and has testified or is testifying or is willing to testify; a witness in a congressional investigation, upon the recommendation of the legislative committee where his testimony is needed and with the approval of the Senate President or the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as the case may be; a witness who participated in the commission of a crime and who desires to be a State witness; and an accused who is discharged from an information or criminal complaint by the court in order that he may be a State witness.”

Caguioa stated that the change of hands in the Department will not hamper the WPSBP’s implementation of its mandate.

He said he will continue and even strengthen the program to ensure that security and other benefits are accorded to whistleblowers.

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