Request for Parole


I.  Eligibility for Review of a Parole Case:

    1.  Inmate is serving an indeterminate sentence the maximum period of which exceeds one (1) year;

    2.  Inmate has served the minimum period of the indeterminate sentence;  

    3.  Inmate's conviction is final and executory (in case the inmate has one or more co-accused who had been convicted, the director/warden concerned shall

          forward their prison records and carpetas/jackets at the same time);

    4.  Inmate has no pending case; and

    5.  Inmate is serving sentence in the national penitentiary, unless the confinement of said inmate in a municipal, city, district or provincial jail is justified.


II. Disqualification of a Parole Case:

     1.  Inmates convicted of offenses punished with death penalty or life imprisonment;

     2.  Inmates convicted of treason, conspiracy or proposal to commit treason or espionage;

     3.  Inmates convicted of misprision of treason, rebelion, sedition or coup d'etat;

     4.  Inmates convicted of piracy or mutiny on the high seas or Philippine waters;

     5.  Inmates who are habitual deliquents, i.e., those who, within a period of ten (10) years from the date of release from prison orlast conviction of the crimes

           of serious or less serious physical injuries, robbery, theft, estafa, and falsification, are found guilty of any of said crimes a third time or oftener;

     6.  Inmates who escaped from confinement or evaded sentence;

     7.  Inmates who having been granted conditional pardon by the President of the Philippines shall have violated any of the terms  thereof;

     8.  Inmates whose maximum term of imprisonment does not exceed one (1) year or those with definite sentence;

     9.  Inmates convicted of offenses punished with reclusion perpetua, or whose sentences were reduced to reclusion perpetua by reason of Republic Act No. 9346

           enacted on June 24, 2006, amending Republic Act No. 7659 dated January 1, 2004; and

   10.  Inmates convicted for violation of the laws on terrorism, plunder and transnational crimes.

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