Prosecutors' League of the Philippines


The League is a non-stock, non-sectarian and non-political association. Its obejctives are as follows:

1. To promote a respectable, competent, efficient and effective prosecution service founded on honesty and service;

2. To foster and maintain an independent, fearless and upright prosecution arm of the government;

3. To assist the government in maintaining the trust and confidence of the people in administering justice in a democratic way;

4. To strengthen the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding among its members;

5. To work for the common welfare and interest of the members, and enhance their physical, intellectual, and socio-economic well-being; and

6. To extend moral, spiritual, and financial aid to its members and, in consonance thereto, establish a mutual fund.


1. Professional development/capacity building activities.
2. Personal security awareness trainings and firearm shooting competitions
3. Outreach
4. Advocacies
5. Conventions/Fellowship


PLP Office Address: 3rd Floor Executive Lounge Bldg. Department of Justice Padre Faura Ermita Manila
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
Landline: 8-742-2357
Mobile: +639-2952-72909 / +639-6620-33716



1. PLP Life and Health Fund
2. Multipurpose and Educational Financial Assistance (email or message PLP Office for copies of guidelines, forms, follow up and other inquiries)


(Email or message PLP Office for directory assistance)




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