20 January 2012

The Department of Justice, through Secretary LEILA M. DE LIMA, received official notice of the termination of the appointment of Atty. MAGTANGGOL B. GATDULA as Director of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The letter addressed to Director Gatdula, which was signed by the President through Executive Secretary PAQUITO N. OCHOA, JR. on 19 January 2012, unequivocally put an end to his eighteen (18) months of service as the head of the premiere law enforcement and investigation agency of the country.

The termination of his appointment came in the wake of the submission and release of the Report of the Fact-Finding Panel, which was constituted to investigate the events that began with the now-infamous operation conducted by officials and so-called Security Volunteers who are non-organic personnel of the NBI against a female Japanese national, Noriyo Ohara, and the Filipino family who took her in.

In the course of the Panel's investigation, disturbing allegations and facts regarding the actions, inactions and reactions of Director Gatdula were brought to the surface. Though Director Gatdula may still have to face appropriate criminal charges for his alleged participation, the loss of the President's trust and confidence has resulted in the termination of his appointment to such a high-ranking, sensitive and vital post in the Aquino administration, which plays a critical role in the fight against criminality and corruption, and in the delivery of true and complete justice, as well as in the promotion of accountability and good governance in public service.

It must be noted that Director Gatdula, who is a non-Career Executive Service Officer, served at the pleasure of the President.

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