Remulla to Quiboloy:
Face ‘serious, morally abhorrent’ charges unconditionally

08 April 2024

The Department of Justice (DOJ) sees no legal impediment for the arrest of Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for violation of Republic Act (R.A.) No. 7610  or the “Anti-Child Abuse Law.”

This after the Davao Regional Trial Court (RTC) issued a Warrant of Arrest against the Quiboloy on 03 April 2024 for sexual abuse of minors and maltreatment.

The DOJ said the case against Quiboloy is “never a weak one and there  is a direct evidence to prove all the elements of the offenses charged.”

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla assured Quiboloy’s safety even as he reminded the embattled doomsday preacher “that no one is above the law, even if one occupies an important position in his religious organization.”

“Quiboloy cannot impose any conditions. He must surrender not according to his terms but according to the terms of the law. The law applies to all, without exception,” Sec Remulla emphasized.

“The charges against Quiboloy are not ‘simple.’ They involve serious and morally abhorrent offenses such as  sexual assault of a minor and human trafficking,” the Secretary pointed out.

To recall, Quiboloy has repeatedly stated that charges  should be filed in Court, however, refuses to subject himself to the Court’s jurisdictiont but chooses to remain   a fugitive from justice.  

Remulla urged the beleaguered leader to face trial if he believes is innocent.

“Argue your charges before the Court where you remain the accused, tell the naked truth, that way you can redeem yourself,” Remulla dared Quiboloy.  

The DOJ is awaiting the issuance by the Pasig RTC of another warrant of arrest for qualified trafficking.

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