DOJ Official in charge of cases involving child protection tackles possible cases against the teacher involved in the death of a grade 5 student in Antipolo

12 October 2023

Justice Undersecretary Raul T. Vasquez, whose office oversees cases involving child protection, was interviewed by Ezrah Raya of the Manila Times on the tragic incident. Among the issues tackled were the possible cases that can be filed against the teacher, the reported protection granted by the school to the teacher, and the duty of educators and schools to act as second parents to their students.

Francis Jay Gumikib, a 14-year-old grade 5 student from Penafrancia Spring Valley Elementary School in Brgy. Cupang, Antipolo City, died 11 days after he was slapped by his teacher. Three days after the slapping incident, Gumikib started vomiting and losing his balance. He fell into a coma and died on 02 October 2023.

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