DOJ takes part in ASEAN conference to enhance the country’s battle against transnational organized crimes, presents the JSCC’s efforts

12 October 2023

Bangkok, Thailand, October 12, 2023 - The United Nations recently concluded a highly successful regional conference in Bangkok, Thailand, attended by representatives from ASEAN member countries. The conference was convened to discuss, share, and develop strategies to improve local, regional, and international mechanisms to combat transnational organized crime.

The Philippines was represented by Assistant Secretary Mico Clavano, who presented an innovative approach towards tackling organized crime in the country. He introduced the Justice Sector Coordinating Council (JSCC), a unique multi-agency body comprising the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), and the Supreme Court (SC) of the Philippines. The JSCC is tasked with identifying hotspots of transnational organized crime across the country.

In addition to identification, the JSCC establishes Justice Zones at these hotspots. These zones are areas where there is a coordinated and efficient response from each JSCC member, ensuring effective actions to address the pressing issues posed by organized crime.

The JSCC's unique approach in dealing with transnational organized crime was highly lauded by the UN representatives and the participating countries. The mechanism was recognized as a best practice in the region, reflecting the Philippines' commitment and pioneering efforts in addressing this global issue.

"We are proud of the innovative work being accomplished by the JSCC in the Philippines, and we are thrilled to have this platform to share our strategies with other nations," said Assistant Secretary Clavano. "We are committed to continued collaboration with our international partners to address the shared challenge of transnational organized crime."

The United Nations regional conference served as a much-needed forum for collaboration and sharing of best practices among regional partners. It has once again proven the power of international cooperation in overcoming shared challenges.

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