Secretary Remulla vows more concrete actions on UNJP

07 December 2022

Philippine Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla made a strong commitment for more concrete action and plans to ensure the realization of the government’s commitments under the UN Joint Program on Technical Cooperation and Capacity-Building for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Philippines (UNJP).

Sec. Remulla, Co-chair of the UNJP Steering Committee, led the 3rd UNJP Steering Committee meeting on 05 December at the Manila Hotel.

During the meeting, the DOJ Chief discussed the significant accomplishments made on the seven points which were earlier identified on 26 September 2022 to be of key importance to the progress and operations of the UNJP.

The seven key points identified during the said UNJP Steering Committee’s meeting were the following: 1) set the 3rd UNJP Steering Committee meeting in the month of December; 2) the steering committee urged the rapid confirmation of membership of the two Technical Working Groups (TWGs) that were then pending formalization; 3) there was a strong call from the steering committee members to improve the current strategic planning process to include the development of  clear timelines complete with   indicators and outcomes to allow the acceleration of the joint program; 4) for all the six TWGs to report on their  work plans with clearer targets; 5)  the body strongly recommended enforcement of a communications and information strategy of the program to ensure viability and partnership recognition and accountability; 6) a strong call for the steering committee members to identify the ongoing expenditures and the expected needs for funds for 2023; and 7) a UN proposal to invite the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

The DOJ Chief reported that among the accomplishments of the UNJP was the operationalization of the work of all six TWGs after they have identified their composite members and have successfully participated in the strategic planning workshops.

Recognizing that the formulation a communication information strategy   is imperative in allowing stakeholders and target audience to understand clearly and appreciate better the goals and objectives of the program, the Secretary said the UNJP Secretariat from the DOJ has already designed and created a social media page where the activities of the UNJP will be published.

Sec. Remulla likewise announced that a UNJP web page that will contain more information about the UNJP is already being designed and is being planned to be linked with the DOJ website.

In his message, Sec. Remulla reiterated that the Philippine government continues its commitment towards the attainment of a shared goal for a more just and humane society.

He said, “I trust that all the implementing partners mutually share these commitments and thus we’ll be working together to realize our shared vision of human rights and real justice for all.”

The UNJP was signed between the government of the Philippines and the United Nations Resident Coordinator in the Philippines in July 2021. It seeks to focus on technical cooperation and capacity-building on the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines.

The UNJP Steering Committee is the overall high-level coordinating mechanism that will provide leadership, vision and strategic direction to the Programme. It is headed jointly by the DOJ Secretary and the UN Resident Coordinator as co-chairpersons.

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