Justice Chief Remulla ‘Totally Committed’ to New Role

05 July 2022

July 4, 2022 marks Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla’s first flag ceremony at the Department of Justice. He took the opportunity to address the department officials and employees, outlining his plans, vision and most importantly – his commitment to his new role. The Secretary did not mince his words when he pledged to give his all and be “totally committed” to what the Department of Justice (DOJ) stands for.

Expressing appreciation and gratitude to the trust given to him by the President, Secretary Remulla stated that he was in no position to turn down the offer to become Justice Secretary. Further, he said the President was elected by more than thirty-one million people, a historic mandate and show of trust. Thus, despite the confidence placed in him by the two hundred two thousand people of the seventh district of Cavite, he accepted the position of Justice Secretary.

Secretary Remulla said when the President appointed him to be Secretary of Justice, he promised the President that he would remain with him for the entire six-year term, from day one to the last, and to ensure that the DOJ’s vision to uphold the rule of law is carried out.

Secretary Remulla then described his vision for the DOJ – that is – to “give justice to every man, woman and child no matter the circumstance of birth, no matter the economic standing.”

The new Justice Chief acknowledged that his job is extremely challenging. He said “mabigat ang hamong binigay sa atin.” As a result, he will approach his tenure as DOJ Secretary as a “marathon,” that will be “action-packed, full of commitment and full of hope.” He intends to rid the attached agencies of corruption and syndicates, and asked the DOJ officials and employees to join him in this fight.

In closing, he sought the cooperation of all DOJ officials and employees in order to achieve the DOJ’s vision and mission, but issued a warning to those who refuse to cooperate. He said that everyone should be committed to the vision. He concluded by issuing a stern warning to those who are not committed to the vision, stating that their day will come.

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