24 December 2010

The Department of Justice recently launched the prescribed guidelines on the norms and conduct of prosecutors in the performance of their duties as public servants.

In a simple ceremony, the Codes of Conduct were presented to the heads of the Prosecution Offices. Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima in her message said, �launching these codes nonetheless remains to be a big step towards promoting the high standards of conduct expected of us as responsible officers in the dispensation of justice as vanguards of the rights of the people. There is, moreover, a healthy dose of pride in knowing that we have finally taken the leap by taking the initiative to self regulate , to ensure that honor and integrity in the service remains the top priority �. She stressed that �fairness , dignity, impartiality, integrity and professionalism, are all what should foremost epitomize all those serving under the National Prosecution Service.�

The momentous rite for the Codes of Conduct was graced by the signing of commitment by the heads of the regional and city prosecution offices who are all bound to establish greater public confidence and trust in the prosecutors' office and the entire judicial system by serving with utmost integrity, responsibility, loyalty and efficiency.

During the activity, Laguna provincial Prosecutor George C. Dee urged prosecutors to be sincere and concise in practicing ethics - �do good and avoid evil is one of the ways we put the codes of conduct into practice�,Dee emphasized. Ms. Corazon T. Consunji, representative from Support Staff, expressed apprehension, concern and fears in the manner of implementation of the Codes of Conduct. �Be that as it may, we affirm and hope that with the implementation of the Codes, the abounding issues surrounding our justice system will be solved,� Ms. Consunji added.

The development of the Codes is a result of collaborative efforts of the DOJ officials, National Prosecution Service, Planning and Management Service with support from the Asian Development Bank(ADB), United States Agency for International Development(USAID) and American Bar Assocation(ABA).

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