DOJ-Office of the Secretary Volunteer Paralegal Immersion Program Congratulates its 23 NEW LAWYERS!

04 May 2017

We proudly congratulate our 23 NEW LAWYERS who are all members of the DOJ-OSEC VOLUNTEER PARALEGAL IMMERSION PROGRAM.


For the work that they have done for God, Country and our DOJ, they will get an offer of employment to join us at the DOJ so that they can continue and build on the good work that they have started!


Congratulations and Welcome to the Legal Profession!


                                                         -Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II


The Department of Justice-Office of the Secretary Volunteer Paralegal Immersion Program, a DOJ pioneer program and the first program implemented by Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II when he assumed the stewardship of the DOJ on June 30, 2016, has produced 23 NEW LAWYERS!

Out of a total of 37 Volunteer Paralegals who have taken the 2016 Bar Examinations, 23 successfully hurdled the examinations for a very commendable 62.16% passing percentage which is higher than the national passing percentage of 59.06%.

“Our DOJ-Osec Volunteer Paralegal Immersion Program is a six to seven week on the job training where our chosen paralegals from law schools and colleges all over the country are given the chance to work on almost all facets of the operations of the Office of the Secretary of the DOJ. They work with us on case studies and even join us in attending events and Congressional inquiries,” Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said in describing the program.

“We have a very competitive selection process for our volunteer paralegals, and when I say competitive, I mean we only get the top 20 to 25 paralegals from an applicant pool of 150 to 200 applicants per batch. One of our paralegals just got accepted into the graduate school program of YALE UNIVERSITY, while another ended her third term as a City Councilor then joined us. This will give you an idea of the caliber of our DOJ Paralegals,” added Secretary Aguirre.  

“We want to demystify the DOJ and, at the same time, give our future lawyers the chance to see the DOJ as a potential employer in the future. By doing this, we have a potential pipeline of young and dynamic lawyers whose integrity and dedication have been exposed during their immersion with us. This is something that cannot be seen in a 30 minute job interview,” Secretary Aguirre further stated.

The DOJ Paralegals who passed the 2016 Bar Exams are the following:


Batch 5

1. Balicas, Carlo Vincent G.

2. Chao, Cherry-amor O.

3. Sapihi-Layam, Haifah M.

4. Villacura, Jonalyn D.

5. Teves, Lucille M.

6. Chavez, Myraflor L.

7. Supapo, Rebekah Eunice O.

8. Camendan, Ronaisa L.


Batch 6

1. Alba, Jr., Benito A.

2. Alcazar, Jona May M.

3. Guro, Jamaiyah G,

4. Yu, Michelle M.

5. Florendo, Paul M.

6. Sucor, Princess Roxanne L.

7. Calayan-Medina, Sheryll Joy L.

8. Cruz, Patricia Ann M.

9. Fegi, Walter P.


Batch 7

1. Villanueva, Clementine

2. Gamo, Gesta Riva A.

3. Barcinas, Julius A.

4. Francisco, Zaldy Von A.

5. Filoteo, Morris John M.

6. Abasta, Eloisa D.


Interested applicants can send their Letter of Intent, detailing why they deserve to be a part of the DOJ-Osec Paralegal Immersion Program, addressed to Usec. Erickson H. Balmes, Program Director, DOJ-Osec Volunteer Paralegal Immersion Program together with their latest CVs to [email protected] or at RM 203, De Alas Alas Hall, DOJ Compound, Padre Faura, Manila.

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