Reply and comment of Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II to the accusation of Sen. Leila De Lima that he restored the privileges of the inmates who testified against her

08 February 2017

“I absolutely deny it. I made no such order. However, allow me to point out that Senator De Lima used the term “restores”, it only means that she is admitting that such privileges that she claims were restored were existing during her time as Secretary of Justice!”, Secretary Aguirre said in reply to the accusation of Senator De Lima that he restored the privileges of the NBP inmates who testified against her.

“She must be referring to her stint as Secretary of Justice when such privileges abounded and were tolerated in the NBP.  She must have a lot of spare time to reminisce about her past. You can only reminisce about factual things, things that actually happened”, Secretary Aguirre added.


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