DOJ sends heartless men to jail for incestrous rape

18 July 2016

The Cebu-RTC Branch 6 convicted a Cebu resident for raping his own daughter five times.

In an 11-page decision, the Court found the accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt of five (5) counts of rape and sentenced him reclusion perpetua for each count without eligibility for parole, and to pay the victim P300,000.00 in damages for each count.

The accused raped his 14-year-old daughter for five consecutive days and threatened that he will kill her siblings and commit suicide if she told her mother or the police. The traumatized child ran away and stayed with a friend and when she refused to go home, she confessed her father's crime. She was brought to the police where medical examination confirmed her ordeal and later referred to the DSWD Cebu Home for Girls. The teenager decided to push through with the charges despite the pleas of her mother who did not want the accused to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, the Bohol-RTC Branch 50 meted another man the penalty of reclusion perpetua without eligibility for parole, and to pay his victim a total of P180,000.00 in damages.

The accused was found guilty of raping his 12-year-old niece since she was nine. While there was more than one instance of rape, the victim specifically detailed the latest.

The accused, wearing only a shirt and his undergarment, ordered his niece to massage him then to undress afterward. Afraid that her uncle would maul her as he would usually do whenever he was drunk, she obliged. Made to lie down, she was then raped and forced to perform fellatio as well. After her gruesome ordeal, she was then told to jump 200 times, a myth said to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The child told her teacher the following day and was brought to the authorities for help.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II hailed the successful conviction of these cases, saying "May the victory of our prosecutors serve as a deterrent to those who dare commit this soulless offense against minors especially their own kin."

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