Killing of inmate at the New Bilibid Prison

27 October 2015

In light of the recent incident at the New Bilibid Prison last October 22, 2015, Secretary Alfredo Benjamin S. Caguioa has ordered Bureau of Corrections Director General Ricardo Rainier G. Cruz III to conduct a full and thorough investigation on the shooting of inmate Charlie Quidato at the Maximum Security Compound and the subsequent confiscation of firearms, ammunitions and communication devices therein.

The Security Response Unit of the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison reported that inmate Ronald Catapang admitted to shooting inmate Quidato in his room. Quidato, a former Masbate jail warden, was serving his sentence for the killing of Masbate Mayor Moises Espinosa, Jr. in 9 August 2001.

The shooting also paved the way for the discovery of firearms, ammunitions and communication devices in the rooms of Quidato and Catapang after inmate Catapang admitted having a gun and a hand grenade in his room.

Secretary Caguioa has also directed the conduct of an independent investigation on the possible administrative and criminal liabilities of NBP personnel and inmates for the entry of the contrabands in the prison facility.

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