DOJ backs choice of Lina Sarmiento as Chair of Human Rights Body

20 February 2014

Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima, in a statement, expressed her full support for the choice of Gen. Lina Sarmiento as Chairperson of the Rights Victims' Claims Board (HRVCB). "She is hardworking, honest and, above all, her integrity is untarnished," said De Lima.

“I understand how some sectors feel about the choice of Gen. Sarmiento on account of her coming from the Philippine National Police," said De Lima. De Lima assures the public that Gen. Sarmiento has a sterling track record in the PNP and was never involved in or complicit to any human rights violations.

When De Lima took on the helm of the Commission on Human 2008, Gen.  Sarmiento was the head of the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office. "We both worked well together and while we may not be always on the same side of the fence, I never once questioned Gen. Sarmiento's complete, and sincere understanding of and respect for human rights," explained De Lima.

De Lima, who was among those who made the nominations for the membership of the HRVCB, underscored that the members of the HRVCB were chosen for various reasons that took into account all the legal requisites demanded by the law.

"In nominating members of the Board, we were highly aware of the gravity of our task and recommended to the President people who not only have a commitment to human rights protection, promotion and advocacy, we also recommended people who had the stamina, passion and dedication to help this nation in the remembrance of the abuses of the past but also in honoring the victims and their sacrifices," said De Lima.

She further pointed out that other factors were also considered such as the necessity of having voices from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao represented in the HRVCB. Lawyers were  not the only members of the HRVCB but also selected were those with medical, administrative and academic backgrounds.

Like Sarmiento, the other members of the HRVCB have been highly immersed in human rights work. "A perusal of the members, including the chairperson, would lend one to say that checks and balance, is expected in the Board," observed De Lima.

"I thought the choice of Gen. Lina was particularly inspired," said De Limà, "an out-of-the-box choice." Lina's being a part of the security sector is not an impediment according to the Justice Secretary. "If anything, Gen. Lina's presence enhances the legitimacy of the work of the Board that its work is devoid of any agenda except these: truth, justice,  reparation and remembrance," finished De Lima.



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