Updates Re: Atimonan Rubout Case

06 January 2014

It is not true that the prosecutors failed to attend the first hearing  in the multiple murder case filed against PSupt. Hansel Marantan and twelve (12) other Philippine National Police (PNP) officers/personnel, now pending before RTC-Gumaca, Quezon.

The first hearing was held on 27 September 2013, wherein the motions filed by the prosecution, namely, the Motion for a Hold Departure Order (HDO) against all the accused and the Motion for Reconsideration on the non-issuance of a warrant of arrest against accused PSInsp. Timoteo Orig, as well as various  motions filed by the accused, namely, Motion for  Reconsideration on the issuance of warrants of arrest as to the other accused, Motion for Judicial Determination of Probable cause filed by accused Orig and Motion for Inhibition of the Judge, were jointly tackled. Prosecutors Cesar Angelo Chavez and Jayvee Bandong of the DOJ-NPS Main Office, and Prosecutor Jose Federico Gendrado of the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Quezon (OPP-Quezon) were in attendance.

The latest hearing was held last 29 November 2013 for the submission of oppositions to the motions filed by the accused. Said opposition were filed by the DOJ prosecutors even before the scheduled hearing. Prosecutors Gendrado and Nalyn Mesa of OPP-Quezon attended said hearing.

The Judge already denied the Motion for Inhibition filed by the accused against her. The other Motions are pending resolution.

The next hearing is on 17 January 2014.

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