Statement of Secretary De Lima on the Untimely Demise of Cavite Provincial Prosecutor Manny Velasco

20 May 2013

Provincial Prosecutor EMMANUEL "MANNY" Y. VELASCO was one of the standout members of our National Prosecution Service (NPS).

His reputation for being dedicated, to the point of being tenacious and stubborn, especially about his duties as a public servant, preceded him. I think he wouldn't have minded me saying that, because of this, people who knew him or of his attitude towards work tended to have strong opinions about him, but he appeared to be the type who didn't let the unpopularity of a particular decision or action deter him from doing what he believed was right.

He was one of the first DOJ/NPS officials who welcomed me to the Department on, my very first day at work, and I will always remember him as being capable and steadfast in his beliefs. This strength of character undoubtedly served him well through the many challenges he faced as a public prosecutor and as the head of the Provincial Prosecutor's Office in Cavite.

His passing is truly a great loss to the people of Cavite Province, to the NPS and the Department as whole.

As we lament the death of our colleague, we likewise send our deepest condolences to the loved ones and friends he left behind.


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