DOJ Scored a Conviction of Accused in the Killing of Media Professional

06 May 2013

The National Prosecution Service (NPS) of the Department of Justice (DOJ) scored a conviction for the murder of Legazpi City media  personality, ROWELL  ENDRINAL, commentator of radio station DZRC and a newspaper publisher of Bicol Metro News in Legazpi City,  Albay.

In the November 26, 2012 Decision penned by Judge Frank E. Lobrigo of Branch 3 of Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Legazpi City, CLARITO ARIZOBAL a.k.a. "BOY ZAPANTA" was found guilty of the crime of murder and was sentenced to serve the penalty of reclusion perpetua.

From the evidence presented by the Prosecution, it was establishedthat on 11  February 2004, in a basketball court in Barangay Oro Site, Legazpi City, the accused Arizobal and an unknown  companion, shot the victim Endrinal, who was also a resident of the area. A local pancit vendor and neighbor of the victim, would later identify the accused in open court, as one of the persons who had frequented her  pansitan on the week before the incident took place.

Several minutes after eating at the  pansitan, Arizobal walked a short distance from the eatery and was then observed by some locals squatting by the side of the road with a .45 caliber pistol tucked in his pants. He then walked towards radio commentator and newspaper publisher Endrinal and fired five shots at the latter who was then engaged in his routine morning exercises.

The autopsy report of the NBI Medico-Legal Officer later found that the victim sustained a total of eight gunshot wounds, two of which were fatal, while the others would have collectively achieved the same fatal result.

At the time of Arizobal's apprehension for the killing of Endrinal, Arizobal was already adjudged guilty of a different crime of Robbery with Homicide but jumped bail and was a fugitive from justice. Upon his apprehension for the Endrinal case, Arizobal was turned over to the Nalional Penitentiary and the trial of the case was transferred from Legazpi City to the RTC of Muntinlupa which had jurisdiction over the New Bilibid Prison where Arizobal was imprisoned.

Due to his conviction, Clarito Arizobal was also ordered to pay PhP50,000 in civil indemnity; PhP35,000 in actual damages; and moral damages of PhP50,000 to the heirs of the slain commentator and newspaper publisher. -

Assistant State Prosecutor Dale Dick M. Liban of the DOJ helped secure  the successful prosecution in said media killing.

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