On the reported conviction of Manuel Amalilio by a Malaysian court

06 February 2013

At the outset, I wish to underscore that our government respects the laws, legal processes and legal system of our ASEAN neighbor, Malaysia. We do not question now, nor do we intend to question in the future, the wisdom and validity of such processes and system in convicting the fugitive Manuel Amalilio under Malaysian laws.

Moreover, we are confident that the Malaysian government likewise appreciates our own aspiration for justice to be given to those who have been aggrieved and disadvantaged by the alleged criminal acts for which Arnalilio must answer under our own laws, processes and legal system.

We believe that the conviction of Arnalilio by a Malaysian court is not the end of the road for our quest for justice. It merely represents a delay in the attainment of that aspiration. We shall continue to explore, and exhaust, all available and reasonable means to bring him before the bar of justice in our country.

Our lines with our counterparts in the Malaysian government remain open. We shall count on the goodwill we have with them so that a solution can be arrived at.

We assure the complainants in the Amalilio case that we shall not rest until this issue is brought to a fair, just and fitting conclusion.

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