Filing of Application as Witness Under the Witness Protection Program (WPP)


Witness Protection, Security and Benefits Program (WPSBP)


Witness Protection, Security and Benefits Program (WPSBP)
i.Filing of Application as Witness to the Witness Protection Program (WPP)
Schedule of Availability of Service
Monday to Friday 
8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. without noon break
What is the Witness Protection Program?
It is a program established under Republic Act No. 6981, “Witness Protection, Security and Benefit Act”, which seeks to encourage a person who has witnessed or has knowledge of a commission of a crime to testify before a court or quasi-judicial body, or before an investigating authority, by protecting him from reprisals and from economic dislocation.
Who can be admitted into the Program?
Any person who has knowledge of or information on the commission of a crime and has testified or is testifying or is willing to testify.
•  A witness in a congressional investigation, upon the recommendation of the legislative committee where his testimony is needed and with the approval of the Senate President or the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as the case may be.
•  A witness who participated in the commission of a crime complaint by the court in order that he may be a State witness.
•  An accused who is discharged from an information or criminal complaint by the court in order that he may be a State witness.
Who are disqualified for admission into the Program?
An applicant will not be admitted into the program if:
•  The offense in which his testimony will be used is not a grave felony;
•  His testimony cannot be substantially corroborated in its material points;
•  He or any member of his family within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity has not been threatened with death or bodily injury or there is no likelihood that he will be killed, forced, intimidated, harassed or corrupted to prevent him from testifying or to testify falsely or evasively because or on account of his testimony; and 
•  If the applicant is a law enforcement officer even if he will testify against other law enforcement officers. The immediate members of the applicant may, however, be admitted into the Program.
What happens if an applicant is admitted to be a witness?
The witness is required to execute a Memorandum of Agreement.
What benefits may a witness under the WPP receive?
•  Security protection.
•  Immunity from criminal prosecution in case of a state witness.
•  Secure housing facility.
•  Assistance in obtaining a means of livelihood when practicable.
•  Reasonable travelling expenses and subsistence allowance while on witness duty.
•  Free medical treatment, hospitalization and medicine for any injury or illness incurred or suffered because of witness duty.
•  Burial benefits of not less than Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) if the witness is killed because of witness duty.
•  Free education for the minor or dependent children of a witness who dies or is permanently incapacitated because of witness duty.
•  Non-removal or demotion in work because of absences due to witness duty.
What will happen to a witness who refuses or fails to testify?
He shall be prosecuted for contempt; if he testifies falsely, he shall be prosecuted for perjury.
If a state witness, immunity shall be removed.
When is a coverage terminated?
A witness is discharged-
When he has already completed his witness duty;
If he violates his Memorandum of Agreement;  
If the danger falls away; or
He voluntarily requests for it.
What benefits are given to a witness who is honourably discharged from the Program?
He may be given one-time termination/relocation assistance if the termination of his coverage is not due to his fault.


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