Filing of an Appeal/Petition for Review (PetRev)


Schedule of Availability of Service:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with no noon break

Documentary Requirements as per DOJ Circular No. 70 & 70-A s. 2000:

  1. Verified petition for review stating/containing:
  1. Names and addresses of the parties involved;
  2. NPS Docket number (formerly  I.S. Number) and criminal case number, if any, and title of the case including offense charged in the complaint or information;
  3. Proof of service of a copy/ies of the appeal/petition for review to the adverse party/ies or counsel and the Prosecution Office concerned;
  4.  The venue of the preliminary investigation;
  5.  The specific material dates showing that it was filed on time;
  6.  A clear and concise statement of the facts, the assignment of errors, and the legal basis of the appeal/petition for review;


B. Legible duplicate original or certified true copy of the resolution appealed from.

C.  Legible certified true copies of the complaint, affidavits/sworn statements.

D.  Other evidence submitted by parties during the preliminary investigation/reinvestigation.

E.  Copy of motion to defer proceedings as received by the court, if the case has been filed in court.

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