Accessibility Features

The Department of Justice Official Website was conceived with accessibility in mind. If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility of this site, feel free to email the webmaster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Tab Key - use this key to navigate through the menu links sequentially. The currently focused link is highlighted with an underline. Press the Enter key to load the the url's page.
  2. Alt+Left Key - use this to browse backwards through the history.
  3. Alt+Right Key - use this to browse forward through the history.


  1. To enlarge the page (zoom-in), press Ctrl++ Keys
  2. To reduce the page (zoom-out) press Ctrl-- Keys

Quick Navigation

Located at the top are the Quick Navigation to main sections of the website:

  1. Skip to Content - Click here to set the browser focus to the content area
  2. Skip to Menu - Click here to set the browser focus to the main menu
  3. Skip to Sidebar - Click here to go to the sidebar part
  4. Skip to Footer - Click here to go to the bottomost part
  5. Site Map - Click here to go to a an expanded version of the Main Menu.
  6. Accessibility Features - Click here to view information on the available accessibility features.

Screen Reader

The website was tested using WebAnywhere, a free online screen reader. The software was originally developed at the University of Washington. It is currently being developed at the University of Rochester's ROCHCI Lab.

You interact with WebAnywhere using the keyboard. A selection of keyboard commands that are currently supported is listed below. Pressing SHIFT in combination with them reverses the direction of the search, searching backward from the current cursor position instead of forward from it.

  • CTRL-L - move the cursor to the location box where you can type a URL to visit.
  • Arrow Down - read the next element on the page.
  • Arrow Up - read the previous element on the page.
  • TAB - skip to the next link or form control.
  • CTRL-H - skip to the next heading.
  • CTRL-I - skip to the next input element.
  • CTRL-R - skip to the next row by cell when in a table.
  • CTRL-D - skip to the next column by cell when in a table.
  • Page Down - read continuously from the current position.
  • Home - read continuously, starting over from the beginning of the page.
  • CTRL - silence WebAnywhere and pause the system.

Visit this page for a list of screenreaders ->

Web Content Accessibility Compliance

The website passed the Web Content Accessibility verification criteria of HiSoftware® Cynthia Says


  1. All images have ALTERNATE text attributes. Decorative graphics are rendered through the CSS files.
  2. The website does not use Flash files.
  3. Videos that appear here should include closed caption or sub-titles.
  4. This site is optimized to avoid clutter in the source code by extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets.
  5. This site was made to look as consistent as possible using different kinds of web browsers.


We are ISO Certified