Secretary's Profile




  Date of Birth October 16, 1946
  Place of Birth  Mulanay, Quezon
  Civil Status Married to Marissa C. Lim
  Parents Late Municipal Mayor Alfaro G. Aguirre of Mulanay, Quezon
     and Maria Napeñas of Mulanay, Quezon and Tingloy, Batangas
  Children   Aristotle, Andrew, Achilles


  Grades I to V First Honors, Mulanay Elem. School
  Grade VI  Valedictorian, Mulanay Elem. School
  High School 1st to 4th year – Consistent Honor Student
    and Full Scholar, San Beda College
  Bachelor of Arts (AB) Salutatorian, Magna Cum Laude
    and Full Scholar, San Beda College
  Bachelor of Laws (LlB) Valedictorian, Cum Laude
     and Full Scholar, San Beda College
  1971 Bar Examinations Passed with the rating of 85.25%


     Awardee, Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan, the highest award of the Province of Quezon, given on August 19, 2015
    Outstanding Litigator given by Lex Talionis Fraternitas, Inc. on April 12, 2015
    Distinguished Bedan Award in the field of Law (Private Practice) given by the San Beda College Alumni Association, Inc. on February 12, 2013
    Bedan Recognition Award for Private Practice of Law (Litigation) given by the San Beda Law Alumni Association on November 29, 2012
    Commendation under Resolution No. 263 (Adopted by the House of Representatives on June 6, 2012) commending the private prosecutors of the House Prosecution Team for their unprecedented achievement during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, thereby upholding this institution’s commitment to uphold the rule of law and to answer the people’s call for truth, justice, transparency, and accountability in government


  Secretary   Department of Justice
  Managing Partner Aguirre & Aguirre Law Firm
  Legal Counsel Gen. Getulio P. Napeñas, Chief, Special Action Force (SAF)
    during the Mamasapano Clash in Maguindanao
  Legal Counsel   Gov. Sakur Tan of Sulu on the bombing attempt against his life
  Chairman & President  Kamhantik Hotel & Resort Corporation
  Chairman & President Kamhantik Travel & Tours, Inc.
  Publisher Balitang Kamhantik
  Professor of Law Arellano Law Foundation (on leave)
  President Foster Realty Corporation
  President Brotherhood for Duterte Movement
  Director Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Quezon Province Chapter
  Director   Metro Cebu Public Savings Bank
  Patent Lawyer  
  Licensed Real Estate Broker  


  Rotary Club – Mandaluyong City  
  PCCI San Juan City, Inc.  
  Manila Friendship Lions Club  
  The Philippine Society of International Law
  Quezon (Tayabas) Association  
  Lex Talionis Fraternitas, San Beda College
  Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)


  Eldest child of late Municipal Mayor Alfaro G. Aguirre of Mulanay, Quezon. His late father was the Chairman of the Liberal Party  for almost forty (40) years, from 1948 up to February 7, 1987, when he died while serving as OIC-Mayor of Mulanay, Quezon.
  As a student and a young lawyer, he fought the Marcos dictatorship. In November 1972, less than two (2) months after the declaration of Martial Law, the dictatorship’s Military Tribunal filed a case against him for Inciting to Sedition and issued an Arrest Search and Seizure Order (ASSO) against him. 
  He went into hiding and it took more than five (5) years before the Military Tribunal dismissed the said case.
  He took over the chairmanship of the Liberal Party immediately after the demise of his father in 1987. He was elected as President of Bondoc Peninsula Alliance Council (BPAC). He joined the UNIDO under the leadership of former Assemblymen Oscar F. Santos, Hjalmar Quintana, Cesar Bolaños and Bienvenido Marquez, Jr. He became a member of the Provincial Directorate of the UNIDO. He joined the campain throughout Quezon Province for the Cory-Doy Ticket during the Snap Elections of 1986.
  After the dictatorship was ousted, he was appointed as OIC-Member of the Provincial Board for the Province of Quezon.
  During the last 2010 Elections, he supported the entire Liberal Party ticket from President Noynoy Aquino down to the last councilor in Quezon Province. 
  The mayoralty candidate in Mulanay, Quezon was the only candidate for mayor who won in the 3rd District of Province of Quezon against the moneyed administration candidates.
  On January 5, 2013, he was chosen by the LP Political Leaders of Bondoc Peninsula as Interim Chairman of the Liberal Party in the 3rd District of the Province of Quezon.



Vice-president for Legal Affairs       and General Counsel

Clark Development Corporation
  Managing Partner Aguirre Cacho & Tuazon Law Firm
  Managing Partner Acosta Aguirre & Fernandez Law Firm
  Managing Partner Ricafrente Aguirre Sanvicente & Cacho Law Firm
  Managing Partner Robles Ricafrente Aguirre Sanvicente & Cacho Law Firm
  Senior Partner Robles Brillantes Ricafrente Nachura & Aguirre Law Firm
  Private Prosecutor Prosecution Panel of the House of Representatives
    in the Impeachment Case against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona
  Deputy Counsel Feliciano Commission’s Fact-Finding Investigation of the Oakwood Mutiny
    Conducted the direct examinations of (now Senator) Antonio F. Trillanes IV and other mutineers in a nationally-televised hearing in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
  Legal Counsel Hubert Webb's Defense Team
  Legal Counsel Defended the following:
    Then-CA Justice Bienvenido L. Reyes (now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court) in an Administrative Investigation re: GSIS vs. Meralco Case
    Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson
    Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte
    Mr. Ramon Tulfo
    Afgani V. Alonto on charges of attempting to bomb the Quiapo Procession and to assassinate Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo
    L.C. Big Mak Burger, Inc. notably in legal fight against McDonald’s Corporation
  President  BF CRAB Homeowners Association, Inc.
  OIC Board Member  Provincial Board of Quezon Province
  Technical Assistant 1971 Constitutional Convention
  Director   Lavine Loungewear Manufacturing Corp.
  Director Unitrust Development Bank
  Director  United BF Homeowners Association, Inc. (UBFHAI)
  Director Insurance of the Philippine Islands
  Director  Group Management Corporation
  Director Consolidated Insurance Co., Inc.
  Director Peninsula Resort Corporation
  Director-Corp. Sec. Audemus Adjustment Corporation
  Director-Corp. Sec. The Underwriters Publications Co., Inc.
  Director-Corp. Sec. Exel Management & Development Corp.
  Corporate Secretary Quezon Province Investors Corporation
  Corporate Secretary Milathel Corporation
  Corporate Secretary Family Consolidated Plans, Inc.
  Corp.Sec./Treasurer Miyake Trading Corporation
  Corporate Secretary IUM (Phils.) Inc.
  Corporate Secretary Radiowealth Finance Co., Inc.
  Past President  Mulanay Light Bringers Club
  Champion Debater San Beda College