1 Applicability of SC decision GR. No. 100091, entitled " Central Mindanao University vs. Dept. of Agrarian Reform Adjudicatory Board (Oct. 22, 1992) to the West Visayas State University which ruled that CMU lands reserved for educational purposes are excluded from the coverage of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law" 17 Jan 1994
2 Request for assistance to Marissa Dale Hughes- re: Application for permanent resident status 17 Jan 1994
3 Relative to the settlement of Dept. of Public Works & Highways account with Concepcion Industries, Inc. 20 Jan 1994
4 Relative to the rights of the Phil. Medical Care Commission over properties turned over to local government units due to the devolution of hospital to LGU's under the Local Government Code of 1991 21 Jan 1994
5 Whether NAMRIA can immediately proceed with the implementation of RA 6758 as per CSC Res. By simultaneously converting the enlisted personnel from the military status to civilian position without violating any law (s) on the matter 21 Jan 1994
6 Comments and views on HB No. 9029; HB No. 10444 and HB No. 10715 all amending PD No. 198 in the Prov'l Water Utilities Act of 1993 24 Jan 1994
7 Whether or not the purpose of engaging in transportation business must still be categorically indicated in the articles of incorporation of corporations applying for a certificate of Public Convenience before the same maybe granted in the light of the new and old Corporation Law 26 Jan 1994
8 Whether or not the issuance of dollar-denominated aviation hull and liability insurance policies comes within the scope of DOJ Opinion No. 167 s, 1992 27 Jan 1994
13 Reconsideration of DOJ Opinion No. 114 s. 1993, re: Commission on Human Rights, although created as an independent office is not a constitutional commission in the same category as the CSC, COMELEC and COA 28 Jan 1994
9 Regarding the proposed joint naval and passage exercises between the Royal Navy of Australia and the Phil. Navy 31 Jan 1994
10 Whether NCWDP, which was organized under EO No, 232, and whose predecessor office NCCDP which was created in 1978, prior to the 1987 Constitution, could be the "Special Agency" referred to in Section 13, art. XIII of the 1987 Constitution 31 Jan 1994
11 Whether or not the Civil Service Rules and Regulations for civil servants are also applicable to members of the Phil. National Police, and if so, in case of conflict between the issuances of the two agencies, which shall prevail 03 Feb 1994
12 Relative to the grant of loyalty award/cash gift to the officials and employees of the University of Eastern Philippine under existing laws and regulations 04 Feb 1994
14 RE: Requirement for Review by the Office of Government Counsel of contracts entered by government corporations 08 Feb 1994
15 Legality of sovereign guarantees for the external borrowings of local government units 10 Feb 1994
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16 Grant of productivity incentive benefit to the People's Television Network, Inc. employees 10 Feb 1994
17 Legality of the demand of Bulacan Prov'l. Treasurer for the MWSS to remit one percent of its gross sale to the said province as its share in the utilization by MWSS of the water resources of Angat, Bulacan 10 Feb 1994
18 Legal propriety of classifying industrial forest plantation projects as pioneer areas of investments pursuant to PD 705, as amended, in the light of the foreign ownership limitations of certain investment areas under the Transitory Negative List as provided for in RA No. 7042 10 Feb 1994
19 Issues relating to the formulation of list C of the Regular Foreign Investment Negative List as provided for in RA No. 7042 17 Feb 1994
20 23 Feb 1994
21 Grant of longevity pay to certain personnel of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency to PD No. 427 23 Feb 1994
22 Views and comments on the Draft Agreement on Legal Protection for Guaranteed Foreign Investments Between Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and the Government of the Phils. 24 Feb 1994
23 Interpretation of Section 71 of PD No. 705, as amended by RA 7161 24 Feb 1994
24 Regarding the Uruguay Round of the Multilateral Trade Negotiations on the conversion of non-tariff measures on agricultural products into tariff 24 Feb 1994
25 Correct interpretation of Section 68-B (now Section 77-B) of PD No. 705, as amended on rewards to informants 24 Feb 1994
26 Draft copy of a proclamation proposed by the Public Estate Authority re: transfer of the title of the Republic of the Phils. Over all lands within the Old Bilibid Compound in favor of the PEA. 01 Mar 1994
29 Regarding the proposed establishment of a province-wide medical insurance program in Bukidnon to be known tentatively as the Bukidnon Health Insurance Project 01 Mar 1994
28 A definitive legal opinion as to which between the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources and the City of Cebu has administrative jurisdiction over the Mananga Watershed Reservation and the Central Cebu National Park in Cebu City 04 Mar 1994
30 Legality of the NCCA Board decision to enter into a loan agreement for the purchase of the Plaza de San Agustin Building located at Gen. Luna, Intramuros, Manila 04 Mar 1994
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31 Whether Section 39 of RA No. 6975 fixing the compulsory retirement age for personnel of the Phil. National Police at 56 is applicable to the PNP Chief 04 Mar 1994
27 Enforceability of the claim for payment of the Phil. National Bank against the National Government regarding certain obligations of the defunct Phil. Exchange Company, Inc. 08 Mar 1994
32 Further clarification on the applicability of laws and the jurisdiction of implementing agencies on consumer credit transaction in the light of DOJ Opinion No. 69, s. 1993 10 Mar 1994
33 Regarding certain questions raised by Atty. Artemio V. Pangilinan in connection with his appointment as part-time Commissioner in the Presidential Commission Against Graft and Corruption representing the private sector 14 Mar 1994
34 Whether or not the Phil. Racing Commission is on firm legal ground to maintain the views that the vote of at least four members shall be necessary for it to adopt any rule, resolution or decision 21 Mar 1994
35 Whether or not the a) Project agreement with Pampanga Province for the development fo the Bulacan Resettlement Site, Ulaon, San Fernando Pampanga and b) Memo of Agreement with Palayan City Government for the construction and/or rehabilitation of community facilities in the resettlement sites in Bocao Pinaltacan and Bagong Buhay, Palayan City entered by Mt. Pinatubo Commission are violative of the provinces of RA No. 7637 24 Mar 1994
39 Whether the proposed program to pay SSS pensioners living abroad in dollars will not violate any existing statue, particularly RA No. 529, on the Uniform Currency Law 25 Mar 1994
38 Interpretation of Section 4(1) of RA No. 7586, otherwise known as the 'National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992" and Sections 50 and 51 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations regarding the eviction of squatters occupying "protected areas" 29 Mar 1994
41 Whether or not the National Endowment Fund established under RA No. 7356 maybe utilized by the National Commission for Culture and Arts to defray expenses for foreign travel undertaken in the performance of the Commission's mandate and functions 30 Mar 1994
42 Regarding certain tracts of land being excluded under the Comprehensive Agrarian Refrom Law 30 Mar 1994
43 Whether the functions of the National Quarantine Office are now devolve to the local government units 30 Mar 1994
37 Whether or not SEC official/employee who is designated as Member of a Management of corporations/partnerships in danger of dissipation, loss or wastage, is entitled to an honorarium/allowance for actual services rendered to be paid by the corporation/partnership concerned 04 Apr 1994
40 Legality of the grant of RATA to MTC Judge Tomas C. Leynes by the Sangguniang Bayan of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro 04 Apr 1994
36 Whether or not directors nominated by PCGG sequestered corporations are public officials and therefore required to file statement of assets and liabilities under RA 6713 05 Apr 1994
45 Regarding fishing in Palawan waters 05 Apr 1994
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44 Legality of certain courses of action which the DND-AFP intends to undertake to its contract with Agusta SpA, for the sale of 6 additional S-211 and 18 SF-260TP aircraft at a total cost of $51.951M. 06 Apr 1994
48 Reconsideration of Opinion No. 104 re: rule making power of the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources under 06 Apr 1994
46 Regarding the suggestion of the Minister of Justice of Thailand to expose a mutual repatriation of prisoners between the Republic of the Phils. And Thailand 07 Apr 1994
47 Validity or propriety of Cagayan de Oro City Ordinance No. 2645 and Ordinance No. 2645 and Ordinance No. 2810 s. 1990 regarding traffic regulations 08 Apr 1994
49 Whether the proposed Memorandum of Understanding on logistics and defense industry cooperation between the Phils. And Korea can be considered an executive agreement and will not therefore require Senate concurrence 13 Apr 1994
50 Concerning certain powers of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board 13 Apr 1994
52 Applicability of DOJ Opinion No. 41 s. 1992 to the case of the "Garchitorena Estate in Camarines Sur 18 Apr 1994
53 Concerning the Lease Agreement, dated Aug. 6, 1976 between Lusteveco and Keppel Phils. Shipyard, Inc., covering 11 hectares of land in San Miguel, Bauan, Batangas 18 Apr 1994
54 Legal consequences of the disposition of NHA real properties made by the previous administration to several government agencies without just compensation to NHA and the legal steps and remedy NHA should take to protect its property rights and interest 18 Apr 1994
51 Whether or not the COMELEC can require local governments through the Pres. And the DILG of appropriate funds to defray expenses for the elections of barangay officials on May, 1994 Bgy. Elections 19 Apr 1994
56 Whether or not the National Resources Board is empowered to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience to business entities engaged in shiphandling of water or sale of water in bulk 19 Apr 1994
55 Relative to the implementation of RA No. 6975 on the retirement age of fire and jail personnel 21 Apr 1994
57 Regarding the computation of creditable government service for purposes of retirement of Mrs. Prosperidad Tribo 21 Apr 1994
64 Whether or not Secretary of Health and/or any of his subordinates maybe held in contempt of court in connection with the OMB-ADM-0-91-0151, entitled "National Center for Mental Health Nurses Association, et.al. vs. Brigida Buenaseda which is pending with the Office of the Ombudsman 22 Apr 1994
58 Legality of warrantless raids, confiscation or seizures of goods which are undertaken pursuant to EO No. 913 26 Apr 1994
59 Relative to the appeal of Judge Rebecca G. Salvador, RTC, Br. I from the audit disallowance in the amount of P80,000 on in connection with the travel to the USA 26 Apr 1994
60 Whether Council for the Welfare of Children through its Council, recommend to change, amend or modify the sectoral panels under Section 8 of EO No. 233 by creating task forces relevant to the five areas of concern of the "Phil. Plan of Action for Children" through an Exec. Order 27 Apr 1994
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61 Legality of the amendment of Municipal Ordinance No. 2, s. 1993 of Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte re: tree cutting prohibitions 27 Apr 1994
63 29 Apr 1994
62 Whether the "proposed RP-Singapore Agreement on Joint Military Exercises" is an executive agreement and not a treaty and therefore will not be required to undergo the Senate ratifying process 02 May 1994
65 Whether the P164M reserve funds can be released directly to the National Irrigation Authority for the implementation and completions of unfinished Communal Irrigation Projects all over the country 02 May 1994
66 Implementation of PD No. 914, as amended by BP Blg. 226, and RA No. 7160, regarding registration fees of large cattle 02 May 1994
67 Whether or not Paragraph 2 of Presidential Proc. No. 843 dated April 26, 1991 restricting the use of the land lease by EPZA to housing related projects has been nullified when the National Government allowed it to purchase the NHC plants and equipment from the APT and operate manufacturing businesses. 04 May 1994
68 Comments on the proposed working document concerning the 26th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent which will be held on Geneva for a week from Dec. 4, 1994 04 May 1994
70 Regarding the shaving of occupational tax 05 May 1994
69 Whether or not the Film Development Foundation has authority to collect 30% of the Amusement Tax for quality films it has rated and 20% of the P0.25 Cultural Development Tax from the local government units 06 May 1994
71 Whether or not the SEARCA is required to register with the SEC before it can obtain and administer loans from private and gov't banks 16 May 1994
73 Regarding the PNP resolution No. 92-43 dated Dec. 22, 1993 on overtime duty 16 May 1994
72 Whether or not DSWD licensing and accreditation authority under Sections 5 (g) and 12 (d) of EO No. 123 covers "Tawi-Tawi" and other areas now under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao 17 May 1994
76 Whether or not these would be conflict of interest or violation of the Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act, should Gemiliano C. Lopez Jr. acts on the request for financial assistance from ABAP, headed by his own son Manuel T. Lopez 17 May 1994
75 Whether the Chief Executive's power to appoint an Ambassador granted under the Constitution can be subject to the provisions of RA No. 708, as amended by RA No. 7157 26 May 1994
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77 Regarding the effects of subsequent marriages entered into by Muslim converts on subsisting marriages which are validly contracted under Phil. laws 30 May 1994
78 Whether or not Phil. Tourism Authority among other Gov't-owned or controlled corporations, falls within the coverage of RA No. 6971 30 May 1994
79 Regarding the Opinion to be issued by DOJ and OGCC, before the President makes a final decision on the Procedure for undertaking contracts under PNCC franchise 02 Jun 1994
81 Regarding certain problems encountered by the National Statistics in connection with the ongoing civil registration campaign among the Mangyans of Occidental Mindoro 03 Jun 1994
82 Reconsideration of Memo Cir. No. 145 of the Office of the President dated Jan. 17, 1992 w/c adopted DOJ Opinion dated July 3, 1991 that the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance is not taxable income under existing laws and regulations 03 Jun 1994
83 Whether or not SC ruling in Pelaez vs. Auditor-General (15 SCRA 569) has already been superseded by Sec. 442 (d) Chapter 1, Bk. 2 of RA No. 7160 03 Jun 1994
80 Confirming the legal authority of the Phil. Gov't to guarantee the payment obligations of NPC under the bonds to be issued pursuant to the modified ECO structure 06 Jun 1994
84 Whether or not it is legally feasible for the Marinduque State College to establish a school of fisheries in one barangay. Although the enabling statute specifies another barangay as site therefore 16 Jun 1994
85 Regarding the proposal to amend EO No. 782 16 Jun 1994
86 Regarding the proper agency (DPWH or MPC) yo conduct the bidding proceedings on Part A of the Mt. Pinatubo Damage Rehabilitation Project 17 Jun 1994
87 Whether or not the National Police Commission has the authority to issue Memo Cir. No. 92-014 entitled "Prescribing additional guidelines to the City and Municipal Mayors in their capacity as representatives of the National Police Commission in their respective jurisdictions, regarding the exercise of their power of operational supervision and control over the PNP units therein 17 Jun 1994
89 Regarding the revised organizational structure of the Tiburcio Tancinco Memorial Institute of Science and Technology, Calbayog City as of CY 1992 17 Jun 1994
88 Legal feasibility of desposing "Pamela Blezette", a fishing boat seized by the Phil. Coast Guard at the waters off Navotas on Dec. 23, 1993 and carrying 80.515 kilos of shabu 20 Jun 1994
90 Concerning the relationship of RA No. 7586 and RA No. 7611 20 Jun 1994
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91 Regarding certain donations of motor vehicles and heavy equipment intended for disaster relief operations 22 Jun 1994
92 Whether or not the Phil. Phosphate Fertilizer Company is a gov't- owned corporation; and if not, whether it is entitled to a fertilizer subsidy 29 Jun 1994
98 Relative to the validity of the Mun. Ordinance No. 58 s. 1992 of the Sangguniang Bayan of Nasipit, Agusan del Norter, imposing a security and sanitation fee of P1.00 on every passenger boarding any slip leaving the Port Terminal at Nasipit 29 Jun 1994
95 Whether or not the bringing into the country by Export Processing Zone Authority - registered firms within the zone area of rice - irrespective of variety, including fancy rice, used as rare material for processing and/or repacking and thereafter, to be re-exported to other countries would constitute 'importation" of rice which is violative under PD 4, as amended by EO No. 1028 and RA 7607 Sec. 23, par. 10, Chapter 8 30 Jun 1994
93 Validation of the ownership of the 116 hectare Welfareville Property in Mandaluyong City by the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development 01 Jul 1994
94 Interpretation of Section 10, last paragraph of the Special Provisions of RA No. 7663 06 Jul 1994
96 Regarding the appeal of the Vano Family for reconveyance of their land previously expropriated by the gov't for the use of Lahug Airport and now entitled in the name of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority 06 Jul 1994
97 Legality or propriety of the Kaunlaran Pangkabuhayan Project of the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office 06 Jul 1994
99 Regarding the Phil. Position on the use of the word "refugee", which is the subject of discussions in the National Conference on the Situation of Internal Refugees in the Phils. Held in Quezon City last June 8-10,1994 12 Jul 1994
100 Whether or not Johan Holdings Berhad-George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad, a foreign-owned corporation is qualified under the build-operate-transfer arrangement to undertake the development and provision of water supply for the communities within and the surrounding areas of former US facilities 13 Jul 1994
101 Regarding the agreements entered by and between the Dept. of Public Works and Highways and the Mt. Pinatubo Commission are duly sanctions by RA No. 7637, as amended by RA No. 7657 18 Jul 1994
102 Relative to the authority of the Mt. Pinatubo Commission to recover costs and executive deeds of conveyance and its liability for payments of taxes 18 Jul 1994
103 Reconsideration of DOJ Opinion No. 27 s. 1994 re: Phil. Exchange Company, Inc. account with Phil. National Bank 19 Jul 1994
104 Proper interpretation of Section 27 Chapter 7, Bk. I of the Adm. Code of 1987 19 Jul 1994
105 Whether the proposed Memorandum of Understanding of Defense Cooperation between the Phil. And Malaysian Gov'ts can be considered as an executive agreement, which does not need Senate concurrence provided under Section 21, Art. VII of the Phil, Constitution 20 Jul 1994
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106 Legality of the imposition of taxes by the Municipality of Valenzuela against the Animal Products Development Center, an office under the Bureau of Animal Industry 25 Jul 1994
107 Whether In-House Security Guards of DOH Regional Filed Office NO. VII, Cebu City, are entitled to overtime or excess pay for actual services rendered beyond 40 hours a week 25 Jul 1994
108 Scope of application of Rule IX of the Rules and Regulations implementing RA No. 6713 25 Jul 1994
109 Whether the Office of the President has the authority to repeal and revoke Letter of Instruction No. 619 by mere executive action through the issuance of an appropriate Executive Order 26 Jul 1994
110 Enforcement of price control with respect to the devolve implementing agencies like the Dept. of Agriculture 27 Jul 1994
111 Clarification on the finality of the decision of the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council and whether the PARC can grant through its sub-committee reliefs and the remedies on requests for reconsideration of its decision 28 Jul 1994
112 Interpretation of the provisions of Sec. 8 of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, Rule VII of its Implementing Rules 29 Jul 1994
113 Relative to proposed Executive Order creating a WTO/AFTA Advisory Commission composed of representatives from the Executive Dept. the Legislative Dept. and the private sector 04 Aug 1994
114 Clarification of the provisions of Sec. 45, Chapter 2 of the Local Gov't Code of 1991 04 Aug 1994
115 04 Aug 1994
118 Whether or not the Home Insurance and Guaranty Corporation and/or the National Gov't Center Housing Committee, in implementing the National Gov't Center Housing Project are exempt from payment of all fees and charges of any kind 08 Aug 1994
116 Whether or not the concerned City Councilors of Manila, may legally received a monthly RATA of P3,500.00 and per diems for eight sessions at P2,400.00 per session since Feb. 1988, without violating Joint Commission on Local Gov't. Personnel Administration cir. No. 35 10 Aug 1994
117 Regarding the employment status of the officials and staff of the Phil. Refugee Processing Center 12 Aug 1994
120 Whether or not the Phil. Ports Authority can implement an Incentive Plan for Personnel Reduction through a resolution of the PPA Board of Directors pursuant to Memo Order No. 27 of the President dated aug 13, 1992 and pertinent processions of PD No. 857, as amended 19 Aug 1994
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119 Relative to the case of a Filipino seaman Bestil Agapito who stabbed to death Ichizo Kobayashi aboard a Japanese vessel at Laban, South Africa 22 Aug 1994
121 Regarding the payment of per diems to Ex-officio Commissioners of HLURB 22 Aug 1994
122 Concerning the scope of powers, functions and duties of the SEC Chairperson 22 Aug 1994
123 Re: US $300 M. Yen equivalent EXIM-IMF Parallel Loan from the Export-Import (EXIM) Bank and the US $100 M. Loan from the Brunei Gov't which were contracted by the Phil. Gov't. in Nov. 1989 and July 1989 respectively 23 Aug 1994
127 23 Aug 1994
126 Relative to the request of the Parish Pastoral Council of the Assumption Parish of Davao City, for permission to construct a permanent classroom space for religious education at the latter's expense inside the compound of the Davao City High School 30 Aug 1994
128 Whether or not a government employee may validly invoke freedom of religion as a basis to refuse performing acts or following lawful orders as expected of a civil servant, particularly one from the Phil. Foreign Service 31 Aug 1994
129 Correct interpretation of EO No. 125-A as amended and RA No. 5173, as amended Re: function of Phil. Coast Guard with regard to the conduct of examination of pilots 31 Aug 1994
130 Reconsideration of DOJ Opinion Nos. 22 and 98 s. 1993, on which of the two offices Dept. of Energy and Energy Regulatory Board has jurisdiction over "direct electric power connection" 31 Aug 1994
124 Ruling on whether a proposed agreement on defense cooperation between the Minister of Defense of the French Republic and the Secretary of National Defense of the Republic of the Phils. is in the nature of an executive agreement which will not require Senate concurrence/ratification 01 Sep 1994
131 Regarding the proposed $10 Million loan to be obtained by the Development Bank of the Philippines from the International Economic Cooperation Development Fund of the Republic of China, through the International Commercial Bank of China, for relending by DBP to small and medium enterprises to finance their import requirements from Taiwan 02 Sep 1994
125 Whether or not the PCAGC can legally require Secretary Jesus B. Garcia, Jr. and Undersecretary Josephina T. Lichauco to submit Statements of Bank Deposits in the conduct of investigation for violation of the Anti-gruft and Corrupt Practice Act (RA No. 3019, as amended) 05 Sep 1994
132 Relates to a land controversy in which the decision of the DENR Regional Executive Director Region 8 was appealed to DENR 07 Sep 1994
133 Relating to the criminal action for violation of Section 68 of PD No. 705, as amended, in relation to Arts. 309 & 310 of the Rev. Penal Code, instituted against the corporate officers of Davao Plywood Company, Inc. before the RTC Branch II of Davao City 07 Sep 1994
135 Interpretation of the provision of art. 75 of Chapter IV, entitled 'Labelling and Fair Packaging" of RA No. 7394, otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Phils. 07 Sep 1994
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134 Seaties of Southern Isabela District Hospital and the PNP Unit at the Santiago Police Station, Santiago, Isabela in the light of the recently acquired " Independent Component City" status of the former municipality of Santiago under RA No. 7720 09 Sep 1994
136 Clarification on some points relative to DOJ Opinion No. 90 s. 1994 wherein it ruled that for the Province of Palawan Act which primarily governs and not the general provisions of the "National Integrated Polluted Areas System" Act of 1992 26 Sep 1994
137 Definite area to be covered by Lungsod Silangan and the land use of the approximately 7,000 hectares overlap between the areas covered by Proc. Nos. 1636 and 1637 26 Sep 1994
138 Whether or not the power granted to local chief executives to approve vouchers for the disbursement of local funds Section 344 of RA No. 7160, maybe delegated to officials of hospitals devolved to provincial governments pursuant to Section 17 of the same code 26 Sep 1994
139 To which the agency between the Phil. Ports Authority and the Board of Liquidators should exercise jurisdiction over the land area presently occupied by the latter situated at "Corner of 2nd Street and Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila 26 Sep 1994
140 Whether the Phil. Veterans Bank maybe considered a public or private banking institution 26 Sep 1994
141 Concerning a question of Phil. Citizen of the Filipino menois adopted by Danish citizens 26 Sep 1994
142 Whether or not certain government agencies, i.e., the Phil. Nuclear Research Institute, Employees Compensation Commission, Social Security System, could be classified as health-related establishments as provided for under Section 3, RA No. 7305 26 Sep 1994
146 Whether the Phil. National Bank can charge the National Government so-called "Carrying cost" for payments advanced by the former on certain PNB liabilities transferred to, and assumed by the NG under Adm. Order No. 14 issued by the Office of the President on Feb. 3, 1987 29 Sep 1994
143 Whether or not Resolution No. 373 of the Monetary Board falls within the fiscal and administrative autonomy of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 30 Sep 1994
144 Propriety of the Staff & Personnel of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center to the Office of the President, on whether or not the Pres. Thru the Secretary of Heath can unite off or condone the amount of P15,000.00 more or less representing subsistence allowance which COA disallowed and affirmed in SC decision "Western Visayas Medical Center Employees Association vs. Commission on Audit GR No. 101452 -Aug. 12,1993 30 Sep 1994
145 Regarding the real ownership of the site of the Limasawa Shrine in the Limasawa (formerly P. Burgos) Southern Leyte 30 Sep 1994
147 Whether the draft agreement of military assistance loan between the Phil. Government and the People's Republic of China is an international agreement that requires Senate concurrence 05 Oct 1994
148 Interpretation of the "jurisdiction issue" relative to the proposed reappointment of the five legislative districts of Leyte 07 Oct 1994
149 Interpretation of Section 13 and 14 of Commonwealth Act No. 146, as amended 10 Oct 1994
150 Concerning the privatization of the Phil. Association Smelting and Refining Company 11 Oct 1994
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153 Whether or not Treasurer of the Phils. can appoint a Comptroller in the National Steel Corp 12 Oct 1994
152 Whether or not the rank and file, and supervisory employees of the Phil. Amusement and Gaming Corporation can form and/or join a legitimate labor union and engage in free collective bargaining 14 Oct 1994
154 Regarding the terms of agreement between the Phils. and the United States Gov't on the US donation of $50,000 worth of radio equipment and computer accessories to be used in the illicit trafficking of narcotics project 26 Oct 1994
155 Whether LTFRB Memo Cir. Nos. 93-004 and 93-010 should prevail over Tagig Municipal Ordinance No. 26 Oct 1994
157 Regarding the issuance of Barangay permit and clearance, and payment of regulatory fees for the construction, addition, repair, renovation of residential and commercial buildings within the territorial boundary of Brgy. Moonwalk, Paranaque 03 Nov 1994
158 Legality and validity of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan as adopted by Petron Corporation and the PNOC and its subsidiaries 04 Nov 1994
156 Whether or not collective officials may accept designation as member of the Local Amnesty Boards without forfeiting their elective positions 09 Nov 1994
159 Whether or not the asset Privatization Trust continues to this day to possess the powers expressly granted to it under Sections 12, 13, 19 and 20 of Proc. No. 50 s. 1986 16 Nov 1994
161 Interpretation of the provision of Sec. 2 of Commonwealth Act No. 108 as amended by PD No. 715 16 Nov 1994
160 Relative to the interpretation of certain provisions of the Local Government Code and its implementing rules and regulations 18 Nov 1994
162 Regarding certain provisions of the Agreement on Trade and related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights including Trade in Counterfeit Goods, particularly Article 40, paragraphs 1 and 2. 23 Nov 1994
164 Reconsideration of Opinion No. 102 s. 1994 relative to the dispositions by the Mt. Pinatubo Commission of its properties it has developed into Settlement Projects for the victims of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption 05 Dec 1994
163 08 Dec 1994
165 Reiterating that GSIS continues to be legally exempt from the payment of all taxes, assessments, fees, charges or duties of all kinds under the provisions of Sec. 33 of the Revised GSIS Charter, as amended 16 Dec 1994
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166 Second opinion on the issue of whether or not barangay elective officials specially barangay council members can be appointed, designated as Day Care workers in their barangay 28 Dec 1994
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